Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Squirrel!

Grace Update!

Girl is doing great! She started a new preschool in October and LOVES it. We got a brand new Primrose School in College Station, right down the road, and the move was worth it! Her teacher is fantastic, and Grace is THRIVING there. We loved our other center, but the structure of this center is exactly what our high energy little girl needed. She is learning so much!

She is starting to read many sight words, and can sound out words to spell phonetically. I love to see her write words like "fon" (phone), and "ppol" (people). Makes me smile! She has become quite the artist, and is loving markers and pens.

She is going to cheerleading twice a week, and is really starting to become a little athlete.She has mastered the round-off, just got her standing back bend, and is working on the kick-over. She has participated in 2 competitions, one in Dallas and one in Houston. :)

She is hovering at about 33-35 lbs, and is about 40 in tall. She's wearing 4t or 4/5 clothing :) and a size 10 shoe.

She is hilarious!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Get it Girl!!

Grace has been in tumbling since she was 2 1/2 at thunder elite, and things just got serious! HA! We moved into the little competitive "show team" this summer and she has flipped the switch from squirrel baby girl, to competitive and coordinated! She is doing great, and really just realized that she needs to practice, so that is what we have been doing. This girl is flipping all over the place!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Girl is GROWING!!!

Grace is officially 4 years old!! I was able to get her in for her check ups on the 5th and she did awesome! I prepared her for what was going to happen at the doctor so that she wasn't taken by surprise by all of the  things she had in store. So, she was really excited to do her hearing and vision test, she answered all of the questions she was asked, hopped on the scale like a pro, and only whimpered when she got 3 shots... she even giggled when the last one was over. I was very proud of her. We celebrated by going and buying new shoes ;).  Here are her stats! I'm so proud of my little average sized kiddo.. HA she has really shot up this year.

Some of the things that have changed about Grace this year..
- She learned to swim this summer under water
- She learned to ride a bike without training wheels
- She can write all of the letters in the alphabet
- She can spell and write small words on her own. ( mom, dog, love, dad, stop, hi, Grace)
- She draws hearts, funny faces, little animals, flowers, houses, suns, spiders
- Bedtime routine is so much better, no more issues
- She is doing 24 piece puzzles on her own
- She loves listening to  music on her ipod

She will be moving to St. Joseph's preschool in the fall, and she is very excited about that. She will have to wear a uniform so we will see how long our little fashionista will go for that.

Good bye 3... HELLO 4!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


I forgot I had this thing!!

I'm going to try hard to update in he next couple of weeks!! We have so many changes in our family this coming year!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Card Engagement!

My cutie! 
She is so beautiful! She looks so grown, makes me a little sad :)

Dakota asked Jill to marry him at the end of their Christmas card portrait session. We were so blessed to be along to witness it. PLUS we got some GREAT pictures for the Family for Christmas! I could not be any happier for my sister and Dakota. They truly deserve the best!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Elf on MORE than a shelf...

Orange's first night at our house, She brought a despicable me DVD
Grace was MORE than excited!

Day 2, Orange and her best friend "Tangled" went for a girls night out cruise :)
Sleepy Orange day 3, Grace must have kept her busy with all of her behavior
Day 4, Elf goes fishing... Only problem... Grace did not have a "fishing" reference and thought Orange was trying to "drink up" the fish. She said "that is so silly"
Day 5 Elf leaves a new cup for Grace in the fridge :)

Day 6..... Well we had a ROUGH day.. lots of whining and fussing. She even spit her toothpaste rinse water across the bathroom, and told mommy that "I'm not your KID anymore". Therefore, Orange did not leave her post. Grace was pretty devastated that our Elf didn't do anything fun or tell santa that she was good. BUT Day 7 she did much better, and Orange showed up riding our reindeer on the bathroom shelf, Silly Elf.
Day 8, Orange and Santa send Grace new slippers after she was a big girl and stood for a picture with Santa at mommy's school.

Day 9, Elf hides in the tree. It took Grace hours to notice her :)
Elf TP's the Bathroom and goes potty :) Day 10 

Elf feels under dressed and makes a tutu... Grace said "SHE MADE ME A BOW!!" Day 11
Day 12, This was one of Grace's Favorites

This has been so much fun, and Grace JUMPS out of bed to see what Orange was up to during the night :) What a fun tradition. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Elf on a shelf day one!

This is Orange! Grace doesn't know if she loves her or hates her yet...but having ”Orange” around is already helping with her recent trend of punky behavior. When she would start to whine today, ask I had to do was point to this little lady and she sucked it up. When she used her manners with out reminder she said ”I think my elf saw me be good” or ” my elf is watching me”. Hopefully tommorow she will be sold when she gets to dig up a new DVD from under the marshmallows, Orange is a funny lady!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I can't help myself.. :)

This is by far the cutest spiderman I have ever seen :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The adventures of SPIDERMAN-GIRL

 So, Sassy decided out of ALLL of the princesses, fairies, pink, and purple glittered costumes, that she just HAD to be Spiderman. Not, SpiderGIRL... SPIDERMAN. I glitz-ed it up a bit and I think she looked ADORABLE. She had so much fun this year :) Every time she left a house she yelled, MOM lets go get some MORE CANDY!!
 The little Crew minus Jace, he was a little tuckered out :)

We also had to paint our pumpkin like spiderman :)

The spiderman costume is not really "potty friendly" for school, so we improved this morning for the halloween party, She loved that she got to wear her jammies and tutu to school :)

Lots of candy! Lots of friends! Lots of FUN!