Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Squirrel!

Grace Update!

Girl is doing great! She started a new preschool in October and LOVES it. We got a brand new Primrose School in College Station, right down the road, and the move was worth it! Her teacher is fantastic, and Grace is THRIVING there. We loved our other center, but the structure of this center is exactly what our high energy little girl needed. She is learning so much!

She is starting to read many sight words, and can sound out words to spell phonetically. I love to see her write words like "fon" (phone), and "ppol" (people). Makes me smile! She has become quite the artist, and is loving markers and pens.

She is going to cheerleading twice a week, and is really starting to become a little athlete.She has mastered the round-off, just got her standing back bend, and is working on the kick-over. She has participated in 2 competitions, one in Dallas and one in Houston. :)

She is hovering at about 33-35 lbs, and is about 40 in tall. She's wearing 4t or 4/5 clothing :) and a size 10 shoe.

She is hilarious!

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